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Everyone should have a Susanna

on May 3, 2012

Seriously. Susanna is my youngest sister, and the only one still living at home. (my other sweet sisters are of course living in Texas now, and boy do I miss them!) That girl lights up my life in a way that only a sweet “baby” sister could.

Last night is a perfect example. In spite of taking extra precautions to avoid them, seizures hit almost the moment I went to bed. Susanna was with me, and that precious girl comforted and helped me more than I could express in words. The first seizure was particularly bad, and as I came out of it, I could not stop the tears from flowing. I normally don’t cry much, and tried desperately to stop, not wanting to upset her. But I underestimated the strength of my little sis. She held me and soothingly encouraged me to “let it all out”, handling the situation with remarkable maturity and understanding, particularly as a sixteen-year-old girl. So I did. And felt immensely better afterwards. It didn’t take long for tears to turn to laughter as we found humor in the midst of the insanity. :) How I love that girl!

When another seizure hit only moments later, Susanna was prepared. We have learned that evoking strong emotion (by either making me laugh from something outrageously funny or making me very upset by something) tends to pull me out of the seizure quicker at times….so my hilarious sis went into full British comedic monologue mode. That girl is so stinkin’ funny, she was making me smile, and eventually laugh, in spite of the stiff immobility of my facial muscles. Yep, she was funny enough to override the paralysis. (I told you she was awesome!) I seriously wish I could have recorded her….she certainly would have had you all in stitches. Instead of going to pieces or wringing her hands, she thought of me, and did all within her power to help me through the healing power of laughter–and boy did she outdo herself! I’m laughing just remembering…. :D

I also am reminded yet again of the kindness of my Lord. He has given her such a compassionate heart that is immensely comforting to my mom and me. She may be the junior member of the family, but I’m telling you–she helps us tremendously in so many ways. This may be a rough week, but oh my….I have been given much, particularly in my little sis. Times like this make me increasingly aware of the little jewel living under our roof. She has such a tender heart of compassion for others, with just the right amount of spunk and humor. She is beautiful inside and out, and I know He has special plans for her life. She is going to make a lucky guy very happy someday. :) But in the meantime, I am so privileged to be the recipient of her gentle, nurturing ways and hysterically funny self! :)

If you have a Susanna in your life, you are blessed indeed.



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