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Lydia Gets on a Soapbox….

on July 7, 2011

I haven’t written here in forever. Shame on me. But tonight I have a bee in my bonnet, and thought this was the best place to get it out. ;)

Certain comments I have heard in the last couple days have been bothering me.

Why are people all worked up over the Carlee Anthony case? Abortion happens every day.”

Six babies died due to abortion during the reading of the Casey Anthony verdict.”

Can I just say “aaaaaaagh!!!”?

Whew. Ok. :deep breath:

Why, in the face of every tragedy, are there people who always compare it to abortion? Does one murder not count simply because other murders are taking place?

One tragedy does not diminish another tragedy. Loss of human life is tragic whether it is one person or multitudes.

Indeed,  millions upon millions of babies have been murdered. It breaks my heart to think of all the little people who were never given a chance at life. I hate it, stand against it, pray for its end, protest it, and vote strictly pro-life. I am thankful for all those who are able to volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers! But beyond that, there is very little that we can do right now. I feel so helpless….but as long as Roe vs Wade stands, abortion continues unhindered. Tragedy, indeed.

But now we come to the Casey Anthony trial.

Thankfully, murder of a born child is still against the law. We may not be able to get justice for the unborn millions yet, but here was a chance to get justice for one little girl. That one little toddler is just as precious in God’s sight as all aborted babies are. And I was heartsick when once again, a little life is taken and nothing is done about it. Her murderer walks free. Her death remains unavenged. I am grateful for the nation-wide outcry! Thank God that outrage is not dead!

So why, when people express this outrage, are there folks who come along and act like we shouldn’t be worked up about it? I heard similar comments after 9/11. Certain people refused to get upset about 9/11 because “more lives are lost through abortion”. It bothered me then and it bothers me now.

So you aren’t going to grieve those lives lost since “more babies die every day”? This makes sense… Truth of the matter is, we should be grieving both. But don’t diminish each fresh catastrophe that takes place just because it may not kill as many people as abortion does. Every single life is precious to God, and the countless people affected by every new violent act deserve compassion and care….not comparisons to “worse” things.

*steps off soapbox*

Ok, I feel better now. :) Thoughts?


One response to “Lydia Gets on a Soapbox….

  1. I have to agree. We all know that abortion is awful. But this is about a sweet child who was murdered it should not be compared. We dont know what she suffered thru but we know she suffered because of the fact duct tape was present. Why take away from her memory. The out rage should be that she died and lost her life and NOONE is suffering for it. Abortion is wrong but this is so different. i agree with you. This is about this child.

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