Sunshine in the Valley

humor and encouragement from my heart to yours


on April 19, 2010

….life doesn’t make one lick of sense.

Have you ever noticed this?

Everything is backwards. Nothing is as it seems.

People get the opposite of what they wish for, and are the reverse of what we think… a lot of the time.

That which seems perfect is not remotely so, while that which seems unlikely ends in success.

Hopes and dreams of a lifetime are dashed in the course of a day.

The good die young, while the stinkers live forever. (you know it’s true! Don’t look at me like that! :P )

There is no limit to the pain which we may have to endure, or to the blessings we may enjoy.

The unthinkable does happen, frequently when we least expect it.

Yet in the midst of it all… one thing is sure.

God is still there. Still the same. Still truth, love, and hope in the middle of  the darkness. The one Constant in a world of perpetual change and confusion…and the Healer of the brokenhearted. He’s the One who knows when to draw the line of our sufferings before it becomes too much to bear, while walking beside us every step of the way.

Without Him, life would have no hope and no meaning. But with Him is fullness of joy… and a song in the night.


One response to “Sometimes….

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Like Becca said. may God keep us lest we confuse inscrutability with absence.
    Throughout my past, whenever something that I wanted or thought was good for me fell through, I would repeat this to myself: “Whatever God has planned for me will be far better than what I think I need.”

    It usually helps, eventually.

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