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Meeting the Duggars

on April 18, 2010

Ok, so I have promised this entry for a couple weeks now, and have been reminded that I *still* have not posted about it, so here goes. ;)

On Resurrection Sunday evening, Lacey and I attended her church’s Easter concert. As we drove over, I expected to enjoy spectacular music and a worshipful service. I never dreamed I’d be meeting “celebrities”!

We had only been seated a few minutes, though, when word spread like wildfire that the Duggars were in attendance. Josie’s doctor was a church member there, and had invited them to the event! It was hilarious to see all the heads turning and craning to catch a glimpse of the TLC stars! ;) I was glad they were able to come, but did not initially plan to join the huge crowd around them. I figured they had enough company to last a lifetime, and didn’t want to be pesky.

The service was, indeed, enjoyable, and I was glad I went. I fully expected to just go on home, though, until Lacey came with surprising news. A good friend of hers invited the Duggars and a few other families to all go out for dinner, and she included Lacey and me in the invitation! :shock:

It only took about 2 minutes to decide we wanted to go. Seriously, how often does such an opportunity present itself? :D We were not about to miss out!

The two of us hurried on ahead of the enormous crowd heading to Cozymels, and informed the startled servers that there would be a group of 50 people coming which included the Duggars! The first thing they asked was “Are there TV crews?” The relief they evidenced upon hearing that there weren’t any was intriguing to Lacey and me…was this a good thing? Or…a bad thing? :P Hmmm.

Anyway, they managed to seat our entire group in a huge private section of the restaurant. It was kind of surreal. There were a few other large families along with the Duggars, so there were kids, kids, and more kids! The amazing thing? They were all so well-behaved. It was not pandemonium as you might expect. Everyone was minding their manners and behaving as good children should. “Controlled chaos” about sums it up. ;)

I was impressed.

The servers were scrambling to keep up with everything, and were awesome. There were a few mishaps, but we all reassured them, and I was so happy to see how everyone behaved in a Christian manner even when things went a little awry! Little issues like that can either make or break one’s testimony before others, and I hope those waiters saw Jesus in us that night!

Lacey and I sat at the table with Jill, Jessa, Joy Anna, and…oh rats. Two of the other little girls whose names just escaped me. (It’s a terrible thing to get old. :P ) They were very sweet. I noticed how each of the older siblings took care of her “buddy”, and even though it was late, the little Duggar toddlers did not fuss at all. It was really neat to see how well-disciplined and genuinely happy the kids were. The eldest, John David, kept his table in stitches, and I noticed how sweet his wife really is. They are all just good people. What you see is what you get.

I had a chance to talk more extensively with Jill later in the evening, and was impressed with her grace and poise. We had a delightful chat! I asked if it was hard sometimes to live with camera crews around all the time, and she replied that actually the film crew have become like family to them now. It really isn’t that invasive as one might imagine, because they have a relationship outside of the show: several of the staff have had their entire family over to spend the night at their homes! Isn’t that cool? Although it would still be challenging to have your personal life splashed all over the country, I’m glad that she seems to take it all in stride. They really are remarkable.

This is most of the group… sorry for the poor quality of the picture. I only had my iPhone that night, and for some reason it did not want to cooperate very well. :P Guess it was shell-shocked by the sheer number in the picture, ha.

Lacey enjoyed getting to know some of the girls too! It was fun.

Jackson is absolutely precious. Such a little charmer already! :D He was too, too cute.

It was an unexpectedly fun and spontaneous evening, and I really enjoyed meeting them all. As we parted ways, our lighthearted farewell was “See you on TLC!” :lol:


One response to “Meeting the Duggars

  1. Jason says:

    That’s a lot of people to meet. So many you have no idea who to talk to…

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