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Spring Break Part 2

on March 31, 2010

So I can’t resist sharing the adventures of the second half of my “spring break” with you. Who says you have to be in college to get one?? Not me! :P

Last week was such a fun time! I returned home from my first trip on Tuesday, went to work on Wednesday, and then was gone again on Thursday. (yeah yeah, I know…party-harty! :P) Melissa and Ms Debbie (her mom), two precious friends of mine from church, had invited me to accompany them to Branson during Melissa’s spring break. They are some of my favorite folks, and Branson is one of my favorite places, so that was a very easy “yes”. ;)

It was a rainy, chilly trip, but the gray skies could not dampen our joy at having a “girl’s getaway”! We made it safely in to town, and got settled into our condo. Then we did what any normal females would do in a town like Branson. We went SHOPPING!!!

The next day was full of fun. We stopped by the Sight and Sound theater to reserve our seats for the “Noah” musical that night. I was impressed with the beauty of the building and property…. it was really neat!

The lion and lamb were just out front, and made a perfect backdrop for a picture. As did the gently rolling Ozarks in the next photo. :)

Ahem. Well. As you can see, we tend to be Rather Goofy when we’re together. Sometimes Very Goofy, as a matter of fact. ;) But who wants to be serious all the time? Not us. (not that there was any danger of that anyway…) Ok, how ’bout a “take two”?

Ok, now we look like our usual proper selves. :halo:

I realize we are covering it up a bit, but isn’t that ark well done? I should have taken more interior pictures… the architecture was really beautiful!

After securing our desired seats for later in the evening, we headed down to the Landing. It was my first time, and I loved it! We had a lovely walk along the river to get there.

We then met up with some church friends who were in the area, and had an entertaining lunch at Famous Dave’s. I haven’t been at my church for long, but already I love the sweet people there. We had the best time together! I thought it neat that we were able to pull together an “impromptu” group so easily.

We shopped down the bustling strip…. there were stores of every kind you can imagine! We probably had the most fun at the Yankee Candle outlet, though… smelling candles can be quite the experience.

Yeah, well… this one was not impressive. Mistletoe may be festive and fun  during Christmastime, but its scent is not remotely romantic!  (do people hold their breath while kissing under it? Hmmm)

We grabbed a bite at McFarlain’s, and had a good laugh over the pranks pulled there. They have a table which gradually rises throughout the meal until it’s practically up to your chin. We observed the victims’ initial puzzlement, and then their amusement as they realized they’d been “had”. :)

Then we headed to the Noah play. It was awesome. Really.

I wish so bad I could have photographed the amazing costumes and set (particularly their stunning portrayal of the ark) but alas, no cameras were allowed during the show. So you only get to see this pitiful little screen. I say “pitiful” because the actual production was on such a grand scale. Ah well… guess you just need to go see it yourself! It was highly enjoyable, and I liked the way they clearly presented the Gospel without being “preachy”. It was a wonderful way to end a fun day!

We were sorry to have to head home the next day, but unfortunately most good things have to end eventually. It was sure nice while it lasted though… good friends make life so sweet!


One response to “Spring Break Part 2

  1. Jason says:

    Did they have live animals, or did humans act the part?

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