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God cares about brakes…and pocketbooks

on March 29, 2010

The providence of God never ceases to amaze me. It doesn’t have to be in something big. It can be little stuff. Like car brakes.

A couple weeks before leaving to visit my friends in Missouri, I began noticing my car was making weird noises. When I hit the brakes, there frequently came a ghastly growling sound, almost like a cooler full of melting ice being shaken around. Of all the timing, I fussed to myself. Right as I am paying off the last of my medical bills and getting ready to spend my money on fun for a change, my car has to mess up.

I asked my coworkers about it, and they gave me the grim news that a big-time brake job was most likely in my future. Great.

It got really bad the day before my scheduled departure, so reluctantly I called Midas and arranged to bring my car in the next morning. I then contacted Rebekah and explained the scenario. She was very sympathetic, and I promised to get up there just as soon as possible. Meanwhile I struggled not to feel grumpy about the enormous bill looming in my future.

Then my phone rang.

It was Rebekah again. She’d told her husband my tale of woe, and said she now had good news for me. “Alan says that if you’ll just get your car up here, HE will do the brake job for you himself!” He WHAT?? “He says it doesn’t sound like your brakes are at a dangerous point yet, so as long as you use them sparingly, you should make it up here fine. Then he will take care of it himself.” I hardly knew what to say! Oh my goodness… what a perfect solution! Alan is a wonderful mechanic, and would do good honest work. I wouldn’t have to worry about being over-charged, or told I needed parts replaced when it wasn’t necessary. I really didn’t want him to have to go to all that trouble, knowing how busy he is, but they insisted. How could I refuse? :)

As I hung up the phone, I was overwhelmed by the goodness of God. There I’d been fussing over the timing of it all… that timing which in actuality could not have been more perfect! I could definitely see His hand in it all, and I had perfect peace that He would keep me safe on the trip up. Sure enough, I didn’t have a moment’s trouble. Alan discovered that my front brakes were 90% gone and my back brakes were 70% history, so both needed rotors and brake pads replaced. But that was all I needed…nothing more. ;) Ah, gotta love a good honest mechanic!

But that’s not all. He would ONLY accept payment for the parts. That’s it. He would not take one dime from me for the labor. That total brake job ended up costing me a whole $116! My brakes work great, no more growls, and I am good to go. I also have true friends who are ready and willing to help when I’m in trouble, and that’s worth far more than any amount of money.

Ain’t God good? :D


3 responses to “God cares about brakes…and pocketbooks

  1. Brian P says:

    That’s really generous of him! Good to have friends like that. :)

  2. Kibbie says:

    God is good! It’s wonderful having friends willing to help like that. I enjoy reading your blog :-)

  3. Jason says:

    It’s nice having friends for mechanics isn’t it?

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