Sunshine in the Valley

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“When I consider the work of Thy fingers…

on March 14, 2010

…the moon and the stars which Thou hast ordained, what is man that Thou art mindful of him?”

I used to be such a fuddy-dud when it came to the outdoors. I didn’t want to get all sweaty and yucky and was just way too stuffy about that for my own good. I look back and just shake my head: how much I was missing!

I have now reformed. :) The more I go along in life the more I absolutely love being outside. There are so many life lessons to be observed in the nature around us; so many of God’s laws are visible in His creation. His love of beauty and order is evident to even the casual observer. The intricacies of even the smallest creatures (like bees, for instance!) give silent witness to the infinite wisdom and creativity of the Lord of the universe.

I experienced the great outdoors this weekend with my friend Elizabeth. We both love Pinnacle Mountain, and immensely enjoyed taking a hike on the Rocky Valley Trail. It was a cloudy, cool day, and there wasn’t much green to be seen, but that did not diminish the beauty before us:

The Arkansas River winds its way down the valley as Pinnacle Mountain rises above the hills in the distance.

Elizabeth enjoying the panoramic landscape!

Ditto that... :)

Don't look now, but Elizabeth is holding a boat between her fingers! :)

Awww...friends! :) And hiking buddies, too.

"There's a patch of blue sky...let us chase it!"

Ah, nothing like unexpected sunshine on a cloudy day!

Look at the beautiful color of the water behind me! So lovely. Elizabeth decided she'd had enough pictures for one day, which is why she is curiously absent here. :P

We noted what appeared to be the remains of a most unfortunate vehicle. We puzzled over how it managed to even *get* there as we climbed the steep trail...until we discovered a road at the top of the ridge. Evidently someone drove off it. I sincerely hope they are ok, but one does wonder.

All in all, it was a most pleasurable hike. We both felt invigorated and refreshed. Arkansas has much simple beauty to offer, and although it may not rival the Rockies or other marvels out West, it certainly contains much enjoyment for those who venture out!


One response to ““When I consider the work of Thy fingers…

  1. Anna S. says:

    Arkansas can be very beautiful….but I must say, I do love the indoors. ;) But thanks for the reminder to stop and pay attention to the natural beauties that the Lord has provided us!

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