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I was a disgrace to homeschoolers…

on March 6, 2010

So the day started out like a perfectly normal Saturday morning, a couple of weeks ago. Little did I know that it would end up being completely different from what I expected… :P Cheerfully oblivious to this fact, I threw on my workout clothes and headed to the gym for some much-needed exercise. I decided to leave my phone and keys in my bedroom, since my pants have no pockets and I wouldn’t be gone terribly long. Lacey had just returned from a 3 mile run, and I knew she was tired. She is not a morning person anyway, so she wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while.

I enjoyed an excellent workout, and headed back to the apartment to get ready for the day. It was such a beautiful morning, though, that I decided to briskly walk around the apartment complex first to end my routine. Lacey’s car was still there so I knew all was well. I happily listened to Casting Crowns and thought how life really couldn’t get much better than this.

Boy, was I about to get a reality check.

After a 3 minute walk, I headed back to the apartment for a much-needed shower. To my surprise, the door was locked! How strange, I thought. Lacey must’ve decided to lock it while I was gone. I knocked several times, but received no response. Suddenly I had a sinking feeling. Running back out to the parking lot, my fear was confirmed. Her car was gone!

I had to laugh at my silly predicament, and ran back up to the office. They’ll have a spare key, I thought cheerfully. No big deal. I merrily threw open the office door and nearly collided with two well-dressed young men. They were waiting to sign a lease, and stared at me in what seemed to be horrified amusement, silently observing me from head to toe. Of course. That is always my luck. I can’t run into a sweet old grandma who won’t notice my fly-away hair, rumpled workout clothes, and red sweaty cheeks…nope, it has to be sophisticated fellows who scrutinize every sad detail. :lol:

But no matter. I explained my predicament to our sympathetic apartment manager, and she assured me they had a spare key. We headed to the back office… only to discover that it wasn’t there. The maintenance guys still had it, and weren’t working that day! She called and left a message, but said she had no idea when they might return. Rats.

I ran back and tried to open our windows, but like any halfway sensible girls would do, we had locked them. I hoped nobody noticed my “suspicious” behavior, as I climbed back over our patio railing and pried at our windows, and called the police on me. It isn’t a crime to break in if it’s your own apartment, right? :lol:

My next course of action was to get Lacey’s number from the office file and ask her to come rescue me. Once more our sweet apartment manager willingly obliged me, and actually called Lacey herself. I knew it was a bad sign though, when she told me to pick up the call on line 2 in the neighboring office. Uhoh. Meanwhile, Mr Sophisticated #1 sat at her desk, observing all. :P

“Did you forget?” was the first thing Lacey said as I picked up the phone. “Remember, I am having my oil changed this morning! I’m at the mechanic’s, and it’s going to be a 45 minute wait!” Mhm, that would be me: Miss Forgetful! We laughed and laughed over the whole crazy scenario, and she promised to come back as soon as possible. It would naturally be my luck that she would happen to have NO access to her car on the one day I lock myself out of our apartment! :lol:

I headed back to the gym and decided to extend my work-out while I waited. Maybe if I burned lots of calories, my brain cells might work better! One could always hope. :D

And then came the final blow as I suddenly looked down at the shirt I had chosen to wear this particular morning. Of all days, I would pick today to wear my brown “Homeschool Alumni” t-shirt from last year’s reunion! The hilarity of the whole scenario sent me into gales of laughter. I had run all over the apartment complex like a silly goose, locking myself out of my own apartment, all the while advertising the fact that I was a homeschool graduate. Yep, that would be me.

To my homeschooled friends: my humblest apologies for the disgrace I have brought upon the rest of you intelligent peoples.

To my other friends: go ahead and laugh. It’s ok. I am too! :lol:


2 responses to “I was a disgrace to homeschoolers…

  1. Evan says:

    Hey, you just proved that homeschoolers are real people. That’s a good thing. =D

  2. Tiffanie says:

    Oh Lydia, you are so funny! Sounds like quite the morning. I’m glad you have the good humor to laugh at it all. You’re such a sweetheart.

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