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Sometimes it’s the little things…

on March 3, 2010

….that matter most in life. :D Ever notice that? It’s the answers to “small” prayers, a smile on a hard day, or an encouraging word in a moment of need that are fondly remembered and sometimes the most special. Really.

I’ve been blessed with some of those “little” things this week. On Sunday, I headed to Kroger to get ice cream for the apple pie I’d made, and in my haste to get home and eat it :D, I managed to forget my change at the self-checkout. Granted, it was only $4, but still. That can buy a lot. ;) I realized my mistake just as I was starting my car, and began berating myself. So much for that, I thought gloomily, just sure that it was long gone by now. As I opened my car door to check “just in case”, a guy came running up holding a roll of bills. My money. My four dollars! “Hey, you forgot this!” he exclaimed. I delightedly told him I’d just discovered that fact, and profusely thanked him for returning it. “Did you forget a can of pork and beans too?” he cheerfully inquired. I had not, but was touched by the thoughtfulness of a stranger. He could so easily have pocketed that money (especially since it was “only” 4 bucks) but he was honest and ran all the way out to the parking lot to give it back. He even made sure the abandoned can of beans wasn’t mine.

Honesty is not dead. Isn’t that refreshing? :)

The second “little” thing happened today. I must confess something first, though, to provide background.

I have really strong maternal instincts. I’ve had them since about the age of 14, and they don’t seem inclined to diminish one little bit. Not even a smidge. In fact, if anything I suspect they are getting stronger! :P

One of the hardest things about my present singlehood is the fact that it keeps me from being a mommy. I believe in doing things in proper order, and the old saying “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage” pretty well sums it up. Seeing as how I am presently without the first two, naturally the third is not an option right now. But it doesn’t take away the longing for a sweet little cuddlebug of my own. Some days I just have a sadness in my heart, because I wish so bad I could be a mommy.

Today was one of those days. Working with babies all the time usually keeps me satisfied, but every now and then it’s still just hard. But isn’t the tender mercy of God amazing? :) He is so caring… so thoughtful towards His children. He knows the struggle of our hearts, and knew exactly what I needed today to make mine better.

An adorable little girl came toddling into our clinic this morning….rosy cheeks, big solemn blue eyes, and the cutest little blonde pig tails you ever saw. She was not quite two, but was already way too smart for her own good. She didn’t miss a thing! ;) Her mommy was pregnant, and trying to keep her in hand. My coworkers and I couldn’t resist little Abigail’s cuteness, so went over to say hello.

After chatting with them a few minutes, I was amazed when she suddenly reached her tiny arms out to me. She wanted me to hold her! I naturally could not resist, and scooped her up. She was such a little doll baby! I was amused to note that she’d figured out that by having me hold her, she could escape the little Pooh “leash” her mommy had attached to her back. Kids are way smarter than we think sometimes. :)

I initially thought I was only an “escape route” from the Dreaded Pooh Leash, but when I gave her back to her mom, she started crying and reaching for me! How sweet! Later I heard her crying in the exam room, so opened the door to see if I could help. The minute she saw me, she reached out for me and started smiling. Mommy gladly relinquished her for the duration of the exam, and I had a perfectly lovely time babysitting little Abigail. She was so sweet and inquisitive, and we had quite the “conversation” as we headed around. I could not get over how cute and endearing she was as I carried her around to “meet” everybody, and it did my heart more good than I can express here to spend that time with her. We just bonded instantly, and she clung to me the whole time. I truly believe she was a little God-send. He knew I needed that today, and sent that precious little girl my way to give me a little “boost” of encouragement. She cried when I gave her back to her mom (who is a very wonderful mother, I might add), and was just so sweet! We laughed over the unusual scenario and I told them I will be happy to babysit if she ever has need of a sitter. :lol:

It wasn’t that I was something “special”. It was that I serve a special Savior who eased that longing in my heart by giving me the love of a very special little girl.  All is well again, and I am content to be single as long as He wants me to be, once more. :)

My heart overflows with gratitude to Him who reigns from the majesty and glory of Heaven, yet stoops down to encourage the hearts of “little” people like me…not because He had to but because He wanted to! How great is our Father’s love for us!


One response to “Sometimes it’s the little things…

  1. :hugs: on the baby thing…..I can totally sympathize with you in that area as I’m sure you well know. I remember it was when I was the most content being single, that was when the Lord brought my husband to be into my life. That’s a really good reminder to me right now, to be completely content with how my life is right at this moment, that’s what the Lord wants from us, then He loves surprising us with our hearts desires when we least expect it.

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