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Why I need to marry a pianist…

on February 24, 2010

Ok, so watch this, and you’ll see why I say that! This is the cutest older couple ever. :lol: They are so adorable, and still making music together after 62 years.

Obviously one or both of them have health problems, or they wouldn’t be at the Mayo Clinic, but they haven’t lost their song. They are evidently still in love too. And have lots of spunk. :lol:

That’s the way marriage ought to be. ;)

And is also an example of just how awesome musicians are. :mrgreen:


One response to “Why I need to marry a pianist…

  1. LOL, that’s awesome! I thought for years that I just HAD to marry a singer, and someone who sang really well and loved music – turns out I married someone that really doesn’t care about music that much and doesn’t sing. So pretty much, you marry who you fall in love with. ;)

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