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A trip to the hospital

on February 10, 2010

With a title like that, it sounds like this post is going to be a bad one, doesn’t it? Thankfully my reasons for going to the hospital were happy ones! (boy was I glad NOT to be a patient this time!)

One of our sweet little girls had her baby. She’s one of my NST patients, and came in twice a week, so we became buddies. She was so excited about her baby girl, and was so patient with the tests. When her induction was scheduled, she made me promise to come see her! :) She had to really work on me and twist my arm to persuade me, but I finally self-sacrificingly relented.

Ok, so if you believe that, you don’t know me at all, hehe. I was only too happy to come see the cute little rascal who always tried to hide from me during the tests! She couldn’t escape this time. ;)

Little mommy did so very well, and last night I braved the snow and refreezing ice to head up to see them. I am so glad that I did! Because I got to snuggle with this adorable little person while her mommy and grandma ate:

Isn’t she the most precious little doll-baby?? One of my favorite parts of the job is going through each stage of pregnancy with a patient and then seeing the perfect little person at the end. We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

I had so much fun holding Baby J and talking to her; she was so alert. And I was relieved that she didn’t start screaming at the sound of my voice after all those NSTs, poor kid! :lol: I guess she’s forgiven me, hehe.

I am really going to miss her mommy. They are moving back up north to live with her parents, which is best. I know they will do well. But it’s hard to see her go…. she is a really special girl. One of the hardest parts of my job is having to say goodbye to patients at the end of their pregnancies. I really miss them!

I know she is glad to have it all over, though. She is going to be one amazing mommy.

As I slipped and slid my way back across the ice-covered parking lot to my car (watching in amusement as others shared my predicament), I felt so thankful for the opportunity to hold that darling baby and say goodbye. Even if it meant driving in less-than-desirable circumstances. Some things are just worth the risk. ;)


One response to “A trip to the hospital

  1. What an adorable baby!! You must get so much satisfaction out of your job.

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