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Happy Things!

on February 8, 2010

Well, so much has happened in my life recently that this poor little blog has been sadly neglected. Not that anyone noticed except me (haha!), but so it was. I am happy to say that all life changes have been good ones, though, so I’ve decided to re-cap a little here.

In November, I moved out of my family’s home and into an adorable little apartment with my sweet friend and coworker, Lacey.

We get along great, and have really enjoyed having our own little place!

It has been so fun being able to decorate and have people over without inconveniencing Mumsy! I think the independence has been good for me at this time in my life, too. I miss my family, but see them often!

December contained lots of fun times. Our clinic held its annual Christmas party, and we had such fun together. We enjoyed getting dressed up for a change,  instead of only seeing each other in scrubs, haha! I’m blessed to work with such an awesome group of folks.

For Christmas, we braved flooded interstates and later icy highways to visit the marrieds in Dallas. It was quite an adventure, but so worth it! Christmas day was perfect. Considering all the amazing gifts, snowy landscapes, exquisite food, crazy games, Guitar Hero, and ornament-sculpting, everyone agreed…. it was our best Christmas ever! :)

January contained an interesting mix of changes… I joined a new church, Lifeway Baptist, and have been blessed to play piano for some of the services. It’s great to find a local church home. I have been especially thankful for precious new friends I have made there, especially Melissa! She is such a kindred spirit, and I’m thankful for local friends like her to have fun with. God is filling my life with wonderful people right now… I feel so incredibly blessed. On this particular day, we both arrived at church wearing the exactly matching shades of red and black… without prior knowledge to what the other planned!

January did have a sad spot, though… Carolyn retired from Cornerstone after 20 years as Dr. Simmons’ nurse! I will miss her so much. She added lots of fun to work days, and is the one who christened me “Tinkerbell”. She said I leave pixie dust behind me, and used to fuss that I was helping the other side of the clinic more due to all the pixie dust she saw over there! ;) She is such a sweetheart, and will be greatly missed.

So far, February’s main highlight has been a lot of snow! I absolutely love winter weather, so have been as excited as a little kid to see all the white stuff falling.

I don’t know what the rest of this year will hold, but I know that no matter what, God is in control and is always working things -no matter what happens- for my good and His glory. What blessed assurance that brings! For now, I will continue enjoying this time of peace and blessing… and trust Him for the unknown.


2 responses to “Happy Things!

  1. Lydia,
    I love reading your fb and blog. I can hear your sweet voice as I read your words. LoL.

  2. Cute little apartment!! Ya’ll have good decor taste! :)

    And isn’t it wonderful to find an amazing church to call home? We just became members of Bethlehem Baptist Church here in Minnesota, John Piper is the pastor and so far it has been such a blessing.

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