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Why I need to marry a pianist…

Ok, so watch this, and you’ll see why I say that! This is the cutest older couple ever. :lol: They are so adorable, and still making music together after 62 years.

Obviously one or both of them have health problems, or they wouldn’t be at the Mayo Clinic, but they haven’t lost their song. They are evidently still in love too. And have lots of spunk. :lol:

That’s the way marriage ought to be. ;)

And is also an example of just how awesome musicians are. :mrgreen:

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Oh what a beautiful morning…(not)

Have you ever had one of those days where you wish you could just crawl back in bed and start all over again? I had a one of Those Mornings today. Started out overhearing a wingdinger of a fight between neighbors above me. I waited around to be sure they were ok, so got out late. Then I couldn’t get the ice off my windshield. Every time I thought I scraped enough off, the sunlight glared off the remaining ice and blinded me. Took me three times to make the road visible. :P When I finally managed to see enough to drive, I accidentally ran over a huge bag of trash some lovely neighbor had left in the middle of the parking lot. I had to stop my car, crawl halfway underneath, and drag the bag out. There was a lovely long trail of trash strewn out behind me. Yeah. Nice.

I finally get out of the driveway and promptly get stuck in the worst traffic. Ever. By this time I am totally stressed out. Especially since I am now very late for work. I HATE being late!

I pull into the parking lot and try to collect my wits about me… only to knock my head half off as I exit my vehicle. By this time I’ve decided that my day was officially ruined. As in, over. As in, please-let-me-just-go-home-because-this-day-is-not-worth-living, ruined.

As I climbed the steps to the clinic, though, the hilarity of it all suddenly struck me. The day could hardly get worse. It was the worst in recent memory, for sure. So I did what every self-respecting girl does at such a moment.

I laughed my head off. :lol:

Then I walked in to work and got a big hug from Ms. Ruby. And my day promptly proceeded to improve from then on out.

You know what? It was a great day. :D

Moral of the story: just because the day starts off like it’s going to be The Worst Ever doesn’t mean it has to end that way. Laughter does much to soothe the tormented soul. ;)

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Or in my case, all the minor catastrophies. :lol:

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Three times a bridesmaid…but 4?

This Valentines weekend has been such fun. No moping around for this single lady! :) I invited Susanna over for the weekend, and we had us a crazy good time! We explored downtown Little Rock, watched movies, sang Taylor Swift songs, and danced the night away yesterday. :) She is such a bundle of fun. We decided that “un-love” songs were the best ones, such as “You’re Not Sorry”…. you know, the ones that weren’t mushy! We didn’t want to start pining or anything. ;) All in all, it was probably the best Valentines Eve ever, ha.

The highlight of the day, though, was when I found out a dear friend became engaged!! Her story is a remarkable testimony of the power of God to do anything, and I am hoping she might give me permission to tell it here one of these days. We shall see. ;) Anyhow, there was much rejoicing in my little apartment upon hearing her news!

There is an added bonus for me, too: I get to be a bridesmaid! :happy dance:

But now it has me thinking. I have been in the process of fulfilling the old adage “Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride”, but now this is going to make number 4. Hmm. My supposition is…. could it be that an extra time reverses the “curse”? Of course, as friends at lunch reminded me, I better watch out not to be a bridesmaid 6 times. Being a bridesmaid three times… twice… oof. :shock: Now that would be catastrophic.

Ah well. Nevermind. Excuse me, y’all, my tongue is starting to ache from staying in my cheek too long. ‘Night!


A trip to the hospital

With a title like that, it sounds like this post is going to be a bad one, doesn’t it? Thankfully my reasons for going to the hospital were happy ones! (boy was I glad NOT to be a patient this time!)

One of our sweet little girls had her baby. She’s one of my NST patients, and came in twice a week, so we became buddies. She was so excited about her baby girl, and was so patient with the tests. When her induction was scheduled, she made me promise to come see her! :) She had to really work on me and twist my arm to persuade me, but I finally self-sacrificingly relented.

Ok, so if you believe that, you don’t know me at all, hehe. I was only too happy to come see the cute little rascal who always tried to hide from me during the tests! She couldn’t escape this time. ;)

Little mommy did so very well, and last night I braved the snow and refreezing ice to head up to see them. I am so glad that I did! Because I got to snuggle with this adorable little person while her mommy and grandma ate:

Isn’t she the most precious little doll-baby?? One of my favorite parts of the job is going through each stage of pregnancy with a patient and then seeing the perfect little person at the end. We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

I had so much fun holding Baby J and talking to her; she was so alert. And I was relieved that she didn’t start screaming at the sound of my voice after all those NSTs, poor kid! :lol: I guess she’s forgiven me, hehe.

I am really going to miss her mommy. They are moving back up north to live with her parents, which is best. I know they will do well. But it’s hard to see her go…. she is a really special girl. One of the hardest parts of my job is having to say goodbye to patients at the end of their pregnancies. I really miss them!

I know she is glad to have it all over, though. She is going to be one amazing mommy.

As I slipped and slid my way back across the ice-covered parking lot to my car (watching in amusement as others shared my predicament), I felt so thankful for the opportunity to hold that darling baby and say goodbye. Even if it meant driving in less-than-desirable circumstances. Some things are just worth the risk. ;)

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Happy Things!

Well, so much has happened in my life recently that this poor little blog has been sadly neglected. Not that anyone noticed except me (haha!), but so it was. I am happy to say that all life changes have been good ones, though, so I’ve decided to re-cap a little here.

In November, I moved out of my family’s home and into an adorable little apartment with my sweet friend and coworker, Lacey.

We get along great, and have really enjoyed having our own little place!

It has been so fun being able to decorate and have people over without inconveniencing Mumsy! I think the independence has been good for me at this time in my life, too. I miss my family, but see them often!

December contained lots of fun times. Our clinic held its annual Christmas party, and we had such fun together. We enjoyed getting dressed up for a change,  instead of only seeing each other in scrubs, haha! I’m blessed to work with such an awesome group of folks.

For Christmas, we braved flooded interstates and later icy highways to visit the marrieds in Dallas. It was quite an adventure, but so worth it! Christmas day was perfect. Considering all the amazing gifts, snowy landscapes, exquisite food, crazy games, Guitar Hero, and ornament-sculpting, everyone agreed…. it was our best Christmas ever! :)

January contained an interesting mix of changes… I joined a new church, Lifeway Baptist, and have been blessed to play piano for some of the services. It’s great to find a local church home. I have been especially thankful for precious new friends I have made there, especially Melissa! She is such a kindred spirit, and I’m thankful for local friends like her to have fun with. God is filling my life with wonderful people right now… I feel so incredibly blessed. On this particular day, we both arrived at church wearing the exactly matching shades of red and black… without prior knowledge to what the other planned!

January did have a sad spot, though… Carolyn retired from Cornerstone after 20 years as Dr. Simmons’ nurse! I will miss her so much. She added lots of fun to work days, and is the one who christened me “Tinkerbell”. She said I leave pixie dust behind me, and used to fuss that I was helping the other side of the clinic more due to all the pixie dust she saw over there! ;) She is such a sweetheart, and will be greatly missed.

So far, February’s main highlight has been a lot of snow! I absolutely love winter weather, so have been as excited as a little kid to see all the white stuff falling.

I don’t know what the rest of this year will hold, but I know that no matter what, God is in control and is always working things -no matter what happens- for my good and His glory. What blessed assurance that brings! For now, I will continue enjoying this time of peace and blessing… and trust Him for the unknown.


Asking is a good thing!

Isaiah is one of my all-time favorite books. One of its most intriguing stories is the case of Hezekiah asking for- and receiving- 15 more years of life when God had said He would die. To me, it uniquely illustrates the power of prayer: God is sometimes willing to “change His mind” if we are willing to ask! I hesitate to use that phrase, because I believe in the sovereignty of God; yet there are many times in the prophetic books where God Himself says that He accomplished judgment on a city or people because no one asked Him not to!

In the Bible it seems there is a fine line between accepting what God says and sometimes wrestling with Him for a different “verdict”. I think of Jacob wrestling with the angel, Hannah tearfully pleading for a son, God Himself in Ezekiel searching for a man to “stand in the gap” so He would not destroy the land and tragically finding none. Abraham and Moses at various times did stand in the gap and ask God to reverse His judgment to destroy peoples. Paul besought the Lord three times to remove his thorn in the flesh. The Syrophoenecian woman did not stop at the initial rebuff of Jesus. God frequently honored this!

I think it is sometimes a cop-out to sit back and say “ah well, God’s will be done”. When we are burdened about a matter, we should not be afraid to take hold of God, “come boldly before the throne of grace”, and urgently petition Him. It might be a request for reversal of a “terminal” diagnosis for a sick loved one, or a baby for friends struggling with infertility, or for seemingly-elusive future spouses for yourself or others (lol), or for strong intervention in a disaster (think Haiti!). Or it might just be something “small” in the big scheme of things, yet matters very much to you. Don’t be afraid to get serious with God about it! I am not talking about manipulative prayers, or an “I know what is best here, God” attitude. But truly, I think God delights to hear from His children who seriously take initiative to humbly ask for specifics rather than a timid “well, You just do what You want”. I believe that God wants to give us many more good things than we currently have, but “ye have not because ye ask not”! He is searching for opportunities to “show Himself strong” for His people, and James reminds us that “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” As has often been said, prayer is what moves the heart and hand of God!

So why is it so hard for me sometimes to have a consistent prayer life? I get so busy with “stuff” and distracted by things that don’t even matter! There’s nothing wrong with spending time on Facebook, talking to friends, watching movies, puttering around in the kitchen… but I must not neglect that which is most important of all. Getting on my knees before my Father and bringing Him my petitions and burdens and worries makes a huge difference in how I cope with life, and can completely change a seemingly hopeless situation. Because the fact is, life is tough. Things happen that don’t make sense. There are times when I am stretched almost to the breaking point. But God is bigger than all this! That perfect peace which passes understanding will guard my heart and mind through Christ Jesus…. if I will only take the trouble to ask! Sometimes that peace comes unbidden, thank the Lord, but there are many times when it is there for the taking but I don’t even stop long enough to see it! Many times a bad situation could be totally turned around if I would just ask God to do it!

I am preaching to myself here…. thanks, y’all, for listening. :) As Hezekiah so simply put it: “The Lord was ready to save me”… we need only to ask!

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