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A Certain Person is now employed!

on September 10, 2009

After months of searching and praying, Isaac had his first job interview yesterday. I had heard from a coworker that an animal caretaker position was open at the very vet clinic where Erica used to work before she married and moved Far Away. *sniffle* Ahem. Anyway, Isaac went in for an interview and it went well. The boss was thrilled at the prospect of having Erica’s brother work for her; she informed Isaac that the only way he would not get the job would be if Erica did not call her! :lol: Yep. Erica was quite adored there. ;)

Anyway, we found out today that sure enough, Isaac got the job!! (the boss was quick to ask him if he had told Erica that she was to call her, and made it clear that she is waiting…. see? I told you she is loved there!) He goes for orientation tomorrow, and we are so thrilled!! I am quite sure that they will soon value him for his own wonderful traits, rather than just the fact that he is Erica’s brother. As long as he doesn’t get into mischief. Hmmm. Isaac? Never! :mrgreen:

It got me to thinking, too. After so many months of praying and searching and waiting on God, we appreciate His answer SO very much. So much more than we probably would’ve had He just answered right away and plopped a job in Isaac’s lap. I wonder if that is why He has us wait so long sometimes, before He gives us an answer. He knows we’ll learn a lot during the whole process, and that when He does choose to grant our petition, we’ll sure be thankful for it. :) He seems to get a lot more glory that way….and we do a lot more growing. Even if it is not always the funnest lesson. ;)

His timing’s always right too. This is the perfect job opportunity, but didn’t open up until just now. Imagine that. ;)


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