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Strange hilarity

on September 9, 2009

So today was not exactly an ordinary day in the life of Lydia, bone density tech. Today was my turn to scan folks, and am I glad I didn’t miss out on the interesting bunch that came through today! :lol:

First off was the forensic photographer. I was amazed to note her occupation, because how many of those are even around? :shock:  As surprising as it was to meet a woman in that particular field, she was a very nice lady. She’s been doing it for many years. We enjoyed chatting, and she told me that after a while you learn to adapt to the gruesomeness of her work.

I don’t think I ever would.

Next came a vivacious lady in her 50’s sporting an M&M tattoo on her ankle.  When I asked her about it, she told me that she has loved M&Ms her entire life. That is all she ever wants for her birthday and Christmas, just bags of M&Ms and all related paraphernalia. “My house is covered in M&Ms!” she laughed. Wow. If that’s all she ever gets as gifts… I can imagine. :D I remarked that it must make it easy for her family since she had one particular thing she liked so much.

“Oh, that’s not all!” she laughed. “I love cats.” She then confided that she is the owner of not one…not three… not even five…. nope, 25 cats! Twenty-five. In her house. Yes. I am serious.

Not normal little house cats, either. Nope. Most of them are those huge ones with several toes in each paw…. can’t remember the name. Anyway, the gi-normous kind.

I asked with great curiosity what her husband thought of this. “Oh he knew what he was getting into from the beginning!” she exclaimed. “Cats were in our vows in the ‘death do us part’ part!” I was quite positive she was joking until her next words. “I even have a cat engraved on my wedding band!” she added merrily.

Wow. :shock: And she looked so normal! :lol: But hey, they’ve been married 30 years, so who am I to argue with that? And he did know what he was getting into! :lol:

Next arrived a sweet elderly nun. She’d taken two hours to fill out her paperwork in the lobby, so I had long since given up on her coming. If she had been some young thing, I would have told her to hit the road and reschedule –sweetly of course :P.  But since she was older, and I had a free slot, I took pity on her and brought her on back. When she noticed my nametag, she exclaimed, “LYDIA! You’re name is Lydia?” I assented, and she said, “Oh you look just like a Lydia! You look exactly how I always imagined the Lydia in the gospels looking!” Aww. :) I knew I should have mercy on her lateness and scan her. ;) She told me about her work with pregnant teens, and obviously cared a lot about people. She added ruefully that she never started “running out of steam” and having to slow down until she turned 76. How many people can say that?? :D So she has to take it easy now, but does what she can. We had ourselves a lovely little chat.

Every day…. who can guess what people you will meet or stories you will hear? Today was one of those comical kinds of days that is good for the soul, laughter being the best medicine and all.



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