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I love August…

on August 24, 2009

…or at least I do when it means lots of fun times with family and friends! And no days with temps of 100 or more. And mainly good things happening rather than otherwise. This one has been amazing. :D

I spent a whole week with my precious friend, Bethany, and we had great fun together…

Beth and Lydia #15

…hanging out….

Beth and Lydia #3

…exploring Amish country together….

Mobile Uploads 062

…and thrift stores with all their lovely old books….

Beth and Lydia #8

…delightful heart-to-hearts….

Beth and Lydia #25

…and goofing off….:)

Mobile Uploads 005

Friends are a blessing! So are wonderful siblings… I spent a really fun day with the guys and Susanna on Saturday in Hot Springs….

Hot Springs 8-22-09 027

We had a blast hiking in the national park!

Hot Springs 8-22-09 018

I love these kids so much.

Hot Springs 8-22-09 001

…even when they’re crazy. :shock:

Hot Springs 8-22-09 033

Afterwards, we had a very fun, and very close, game of miniature golf. The final scores were all within just a few points of each other! ;)

Hot Springs 8-22-09 021

Hot Springs 8-22-09 034

The past two years have taught me to value the people who really love me -and who are so very dear to my heart- more than I ever have before. The people who are there in thick and thin….the ones who love me on my best days and on my worst days… the ones who are always there even when life goes crazy. Those are the people who count the most, when all is said and done.

These are some of those people. :D


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